9D90-9D9Z - Vision impairment [ ICD 11 MMS 2018 ]

The ICD 11 Code 9D90-9D9Z is a WHO Classified code for Vision impairment

Definition: Visual Disability refers to deficits in the ability of the person to perform vision-related activities of daily living, such as: reading, orientation and mobility, and other tasks. Visual disability scores reflect the Burden of Vision Loss for the person, and should be assessed with both eyes open and with presenting correction (if any).

  • 9D90 . Vision impairment including blindness
  • 9D91 . Near vision deficits
  • 9D92 . Specific vision dysfunctions
  • 9D93 . Complex vision-related dysfunctions
  • 9D9Y . Other specified vision impairment
  • 9D9Z . Vision impairment, unspecified