EL50-EL8Y - Postprocedural disorders of the skin [ ICD 11 MMS 2018 ]

The ICD 11 Code EL50-EL8Y is a WHO Classified code for Postprocedural disorders of the skin

Definition: This group of disorders incorporates drug eruptions, other cutaneous side effects of medication and adverse reactions to medical and surgical interventions.

  • EL50 . Unsatisfactory surgical scar of skin
  • EL51 . Cutaneous flap necrosis
  • EL52 . Myocutaneous flap necrosis
  • EL53 . Skin graft failure
  • EL54 . Composite graft failure
  • EL60-EL6Z . Adverse cutaneous effects of therapeutic ionizing irradiation
  • EL70-EL7Y . Complications of cutaneous cosmetic procedures
  • EL80 . Adverse cutaneous effects of diagnostic procedures
  • EL8Y . Other specified postprocedural disorders of the skin